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» HR Advice

The go-to resource for employers in the Pacific Northwest, currently serving nearly 2,000 members and offering easy access to expert HR, Safety, and Legal Advice.

» Independent Contractor Checklist

Unsure if you have an employee or an independent contractor?  This 20-factor checklist will help you determine how to classify your workers.

» US Department of Labor - Statistics

This link has CPI information nationally and regionally.

» WA Department of Revenue

The WA Dept of Revenue has links to state forms and publications.

» Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Seattle Chamber has many programs and discounts for businesses in the Seattle area.

» Downtown Seattle Association

The DSA provides connection to people, events and information relevant to downtown Seattle workers, residents and visitors.

» Record Retention for Businesses & Not-for-Profit Entities

A helpful blog post provided by The Myers Associates, to serve as a guide for record retention.


Direct link to IRS for businesses.

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