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Office Mascot

Our office mascot's full name is 'Timepiece's The Main Event BCAT CGC TKN ATT VHMA VSWB' and he is Caroline's actual grandson!  He is an American Kennel Club registered Cardigan Welsh Corgi, whose achievements can be defined as follows:

  • BCAT - American Kennel Club Beginner Fast CAT (Coursing Ability Test)

  • CGC - American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen

  • TKN - American Kennel Club Trick Dog Novice

  • ATT - AKC Temperament Test

  • VHMA - American Kennel Club Virtual Home Manners Adult

  • VSWB - American Kennel Club Virtual Scent Work Beginner

Fun Fact: 

Bruce loves agility, but is still learning.  Sometimes, he gets a little too excited for his trials. :)

What is your favorite office machine or office supply product?  Why?

Office chairs - they make perfect pillows.

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