COVID-19 RESPONSE: Return to Workplace Safety

July 15th deadline: We are working diligently to insure all returns are prepared and ready for the new July 15th deadline.

Office operations: As King County works toward Phase 2, our staff is still primarily working from home. We will, however, have limited staff returning to the office on staggered and short schedules. All office operations adhere to Gov. Inslee’s mandate for modified Phase 1 protocol.

Visiting: We are currently accepting visitors by appointment only. All visitors will be required to comply with certain requests and requirements to maximize safety for all. Please contact Emily or Mark to schedule an appointment if you have something you would like to drop off, pick up, or discuss in person.

To reach us: Email is best. While we are in the office more frequently, it is not every day. Email will insure your questions and requests are addressed as quickly as possible.

During the “Phase 1.5” period, we will be making every effort to complete the deliverables you have entrusted to us. Frequency of paper mailings will be increased, though not always daily. We can also exchange non-sensitive documents via email, and upload sensitive documents to a secure SharePoint site for you.

Our top priorities are safety and service to our clients. We are all in this together. Our thoughts remain with everyone affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Please reach out if we can help in any way.

Mark Long, shareholder,

Mary Joyce, shareholder,

Emily Schacher, administrative assistant,